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Harness the power of Influencer Marketing

Consumers often look to those they trust for advice on products and services. For large national brands, these “influencers” may include celebrities or other public figures. For smaller businesses, influencers could include key community figures who endorse certain products or bloggers who have a particular area of expertise. Basically anyone with a large social media following can potentially be an influencer. Whether your business is large or small, an endorsement by an influencer who is able to sway public opinion regarding your product can be instrumental in growing your sales. Influencers also help to build consumer trust for your brand. 

Influencer marketing has become key to many digital marketing strategies in the past few years. Targeting specific influencers can potentially provide you with an open door to their social media followers. Your focus should be on developing genuine relationships with influencers. These relationships should be built on trust. It’s best to target thought leaders who have a real interest in your products and services. Those who are knowledgeable about your products can become genuine brand advocates.

How to select product influencers

Authenticity is key. You want to seek out thought leaders who will provide genuine recommendations and product reviews. Influencers are people others listen to and look to for advice. Your influencers should also have a large social media or blog following. You want to see followers who are actively engaged, commenting and sharing. Begin by selecting people who will use your products and provide honest feedback and information to others about these products. For instance, a marketer of baby products may target mommy bloggers who have a use for their products, as well as a large following of your target audience. Those marketing new technology may seek out millennials with tech experience to try a product and provide reviews and recommendations. Selling kitchenware? You may seek out popular local chefs or Food Network personalities to help showcase your products to their followers.

Finally, when you approach a potential influencer, provide them with a short synopsis of your brand, why you feel they are a good fit, and your goals in working with them. Make it as easy as possible for them to work with you. Once you are working with an influencer, keep in touch and communicate regularly. You need to continue to develop your relationship.

Influencer marketing can help you better target your audience

When you are looking to market to a vey particular market segment, there’s no better way than with influencer marketing. It’s one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. It all starts with accurately identifying key influencers. Once you have your influencers, you need to connect with their audiences. Provide products and services for review that will be of the utmost interest to their followers. Continue to provide relevant content and useful educational information.

Influencers who blog or post on social media about your products can also help improve your search rankings. This buzz that starts on social media will make it easier for others to find you online. The more mentions your receive on social media, the more relevant you will be on search engines.

Three Key Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  1. Influencer marketing is cost effective.
  2. Influencer marketing feels more genuine to consumers than traditional advertising.
  3. Brand awareness can grow significantly with a targeted influencer marketing plan.

Looking for an influencer marketing agency to develop an influencer marketing plan for your business? Corcoran Communications can help you identify brand influencers and target your key audience. Call us today at 570-472-0365 or email [email protected].

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