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Featured Clients

We work with clients, both large and small, to help them accomplish all of their marketing goals.


“Ruth collaborates  with our Lewith & Freeman Real Estate team offering her positive, creative ideas to our core marketing philosophy. Her ideas are effective and impactful.”

Virginia Rose, President, Lewith & Freeman Real Estate

“We’ve worked with a number of New York based publicists, but Corcoran Communications’ tenacity and respect within the circles of local and regional media outlets is remarkable. They’ve maximized our promotion budgets by a measurable 10 to 1.”

Robert May, President, SenArt Films

“We’ve worked closely with Corcoran Communications for several years on building our brand and developing web content, blogs and social media content to expand our online presence. She provides the fresh ideas and personalized attention needed to help us to reach our marketing goals.”

Beth Tracy, office manager, Distasio & Kowalski, LLC

“The team at Corcoran Communications really understands small business. Ruth Corcoran understood the many challenges I was facing and was able to assist me in creating affordable, top shelf communication materials.”

Paul Nardone, Owner, Outrageous