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Using Facebook Pixel to Increase Sales

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Facebook Pixel is an important analytics tool that helps users better understand how to engage with customers and drive meaningful action. Simply put, the Pixel is a piece of code applied to your website. When the Pixel is installed, you can better measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads and allocate marketing spend accordingly.

Facebook Pixel is a great tool for re-marketing

Have a lot of web visitors that don’t convert to sales? Facebook Pixel will enable you to track this, learn more about your visitors, and then target those visitors with new ads and offers. This is referred to as re-marketing or re-targeting. You can improve your social media marketing by creating your own custom audience from website traffic and enhancing ad delivery to your best targets. Pixel provides the data you need to optimize your ads and focus on qualified leads. By monitoring how people interact with your website once they view your ad, you can get insight as to which type of ads get your desired results. You will soon be developing more effective ads. Set up Facebook Pixel today for a more focused Facebook advertising effort.

Steps to setting up Facebook Pixel

Create a Facebook Pixel.

Go to your Ads Manager and click on the menu button at the top of the page. Click “Pixels.”

Then click “Create a Pixel.”

Enter a Pixel name and click “Create.”

Add a Facebook Pixel to your website.

Once the Pixel is created, you will have to select an option for installation instructions. You can install the code yourself, have the instructions emailed to your web developer, or select that you use an integration or tag manager. Choose an installation option and follow the directions.

Track important actions

Once Pixel is active, you can track certain actions on your site. This can include people visiting certain pages, such as a particular service or a blog. People who place items in a shopping cart, but never complete the purchase. Even people who are frequent site visitors, but never take any action. You can easily set up events on your website while completing the installation process. Events can include purchases, leads, searches and content views among other things. You can access your Pixel analytics from the Pixel page in Ads Manager.


Need help? Get it with Facebook Pixel Helper!

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a Chrome plugin you can use to see if there’s a Pixel installed on your website, check for errors and understand the data you are collecting. Facebook Pixel Helper can also help troubleshoot any problems and make sure your pixel is working properly.

You need to have the Chrome web browser to get the Pixel Helper

  • Go to the Chrome web store, search for Facebook Pixel Helper and click “+ Add To Chrome.”
  • Click “Add Extension” and you’re ready to go.

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